Yogurt Benefits

We are inspired by our customers to produce the highest quality of yogurt that meets and supersede their nutritional needs.

Benefits of This Is Really Great! Yogurt

Good Bacteria

This is Really Great yogurt contains live bacteria cultures that aids with digestion and promotes the relief of bloating, constipation and diarrhea. The live and active cultures in This is Really Yogurt helps stimulate the microflora in the bowel.

 Immune Health

Regular consumption of yogurt builds the immune system while delighting the palette with authentic flavours and fruit pieces in a tub. The live and active cultures found in yogurt stimulates gut health resulting in a healthier digestive system that improves the absorption of nutrients boosting immunity.

Bone Health

Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium that promotes bone health by increasing bone density and aid in the prevention of  osteoporosis.

About This Is Really Great! Yogurt

This is Really Great yogurt is the number one Jamaican yogurt manufactured by Dairy Industries (Ja) Ltd that boast benefits of aiding good digestion, help in treating yeast infections, strengthening the immune system and promoting improved bone health.

This is Really Great yogurt offers an exciting and irresistible range of functional yogurts that fuses taste and nutrition to satisfy the needs and preferences of all our consumers.
This Is Really Great Yogurt is freshly made weekly by Dairy Industries (Ja) Limited (DIJL) since 1985 and has consistently remained the number one yogurt brand and choice of consumers over the last thirty-six (36) years.

There are over thirty-two (32) delicious tropical and exotic flavours combined in the This is Really Great Yogurt Classic, Fibre, Lactose Free, TIRG 50% Less Sugar, YO and Good2Grow range. This is Really Great yogurt also offers Natural yogurts in 110g, 170g and 440g sizes.

Our yogurt capacity was tripled in 1997 with the installation of a new yogurt line to meet the demand and growth of yogurt in the Jamaican marketplace.

The continued demand for the only locally produced yogurt led to the installation of a new technologically savvy yogurt line in 2020 with the ability to double the capacity of the older line.

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