Made with real fruit pieces and only natural ingredients to guarantee an enjoyable and really great eating experience.


  • This is Really Great Classic yogurt range is a healthy alternative that provides the body with immune boosting benefits coupled with exciting tropical fruit infused yogurt.
  • There are 32 exhilarating flavours along with Natural in 110g,170g and 440g tubs.
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Classics Flavours

Vanilla Bliss


Strawberry Sundae

Strawberry Guava

Strawberry Cheesecake

Pistachio Craze


Peach & Passion Fruit

Lychee Sensation

Kiwi Berry

Island Cooler

Coconut Drops

Cherry Vanilla

Cherry Delight

Fruit Medley

Fruit Salad


Lactose Free

  • This is Really Great Lactose Free yogurt was conceptualized to meet the needs of consumers with high lactose sensitivity who desires to experience the unique benefits of yogurt without the discomfort.
  • This is Really Great Lactose free yogurt is made from milk with the same exciting and irresistible flavours with added enzymes to remove the Lactose for ease of digestion.
  • This is Really Great Lactose Free is available in Strawberry Guava, Coconut Drops, Cherry Vanilla and Fruit Medley
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Lactose Free Flavours

Strawberry Guava

Coconut Drops

Cherry Vanilla

Fruit Medley

50% Less Sugar

A delicious combination of real fruit pieces with a creamy custard-like texture that is smooth low in sugar. This is Really Great 50% Less sugar is small on sugar and big on taste with all the benefits of a really Great Yogurt! With less calories and sugar

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50% Less Sugar Flavours

Vanilla Bliss

Mango Tango

Island Paradise



  • This is Really Great Fibre Yogurt is a tub of digestive health that keeps you regular and may also aid with weight loss by helping to suppress hunger.

    Fibre yogurt is available in Guava Pineapple Fruit Blast, Cherry Swirl and Mango Peach.

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Fibre Flavours

Cherry Swirl

Fruit Blast

Guava Pineapple

Mango Peach


  • High in calcium, B vitamins and trace minerals.
  • Very high in protein, which is helpful for appetite and weight control.
  • Contains probiotics, which may boost digestive health by reducing the symptoms of common gastrointestinal disorders, such as bloating.
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Natural Flavours


The future rests on our children and This is Really Great Yogurt is leading the way to ensure our future leaders are on a healthy track with our Good2Grow kids yogurt.

Thrilla Vanilla, Melon Berry Burst, Rockin Punch and Razzle Dazzle Berry will boost the health and immunity of kids with this yummy kid-friendly range.

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Good 2 Grow Flavours

G2G 4 Pack

Vanilla Slide

Melon Berry Burst

Razzle Dazzle Berry

Rockin Punch

Cotton Candy Smoothie

Melon Berry Burst Smoothie

Peach Swirl Smoothie

Strawberry Pop Smoothie

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