This is Really Great Yogurt 50% Less Sugar

Snacks are defined as food we eat between meals. And while there are many reasons to snack — from hunger to emotional — thankfully, we are all in tune with mindful snacking. Eating smart is now within our reach with the new This is Really Great Yogurt! 50% Less Sugar. These 3.88 ounce cups of bliss contain live and active cultures that give balance to the digestive system. Providing a great source of protein and calcium with 50% less sugar than regular yogurt means with each serving the body is being fed the macronutrients it needs to perform. Plus there is the added treat of real fruit pieces. “Wellness-minded consumers are always looking for ways to add variety and nutrition to their diets. Our new reduced sugar yogurt allows everyone to enjoy good eating with half the sugar, and that is always good news,” said Karis-Ann Rhoden-Gordon, business development manager, Dairy Industries Jamaica.

Full article at The Observer

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